Sunday, February 18, 2018

About "SQL*Net break/reset to client" Event of Oracle DB

Users reported that his application was very slow when it exec a  "insert"  sql again oracle DB in the cloud

User has limited skills to turn on trace from apps


  • Get AWR report from Cloud EM express
  • Use sqlt to get more detailed sql report
  •  Ask user to set sql trace or turn on 10046 event 
  • Tkprof the trace file 


 The top event from the insert sql is"SQL*Net break/reset to client". CPU IO are OK, no contention found. It appears to be network related. However other sql were running well. When you check oracle doc of this event, it could be application related. Specially when pl/sql loop is involved. It would generate quite many such events on db side. 


   Ask user to involve developers to tune the sql ,check how they handle error exception and check apps logs

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