Thursday, October 24, 2013

Email SMTP Host DNS MX Record

Sometimes the mail gateway is configured as MX record
You can't get any IP from nslookup from
However you can use dig and find hostnames behind MX record
dig  mx

How it works ,refer wiki

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

How To Find Who is Bulk Loading on Oracle WebCenter Content

You always need to face performance issues. Sometimes they are from user side. When they pick a big folder and throw into WebContent, it generates lots of traffic and load on WCC archiver/indexer

How do we know the volume and username of bulk loading
Below sql is to tell last 1 hour information. You can change timeframe to know different period

select extract(day from (h.realactiondate)) dy, extract(hour from (h.realactiondate)) hr, h.duser, count(h.did)
  from cms_dochist h, docmeta d
  where h.did = d.did
  and h.daction = 'Checkin'
  and d.xconsumptionserver = 'TEST'
  and h.realactiondate sysdate -1/24 and sysdate
  group by extract(day from (h.realactiondate)), extract(hour from (h.realactiondate)), h.duser
   having count(h.did) > 100
  order by 1,2, 4 desc