Monday, March 12, 2018

Ansible "mapping values are not allowed in this context" Error


 When we try to put 2 logic commands into 1 element, like find and copy, we hit below error
The offending line appears to be:

   - name: copy env profile script to the target
      - find:
            ^ here
exception type: <class 'yaml.scanner.ScannerError'>
exception: mapping values are not allowed in this context

The part of related yaml file are
   - name: find and copy  env profile scripts
      - find: 
              paths: /u01/app/ansible/repository
              patterns: 'apex-ext-stg'
        register: file_to_copy
      - copy: src={{ item.path }} dest=/tmp   mode=0775
        with_items: "{{ files_to_copy.files }}" 


"find" and "copy" are 2 different tasks. we need to use block to group them together , or we level it up with "- name"


- name: find and copy  env profile scripts
        - find:
               paths: /u01/app/ansible/repository
               patterns: 'test-ext-stg'
          register: file_to_copy
        - copy: src={{ item.path }} dest=/tmp  mode=0775
          with_items: "{{ files_to_copy.files }}"


- name: find and copy  env profile scripts part1
               paths: /u01/app/ansible/repository
               patterns: 'test-ext-stg'
  register: file_to_copy
- name: find and copy  env profile scripts part2
  copy: src={{ item.path }} dest=/tmp  mode=0775
  with_items: "{{ files_to_copy.files }}"


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