Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cookie Sharing Among Chrome Tabs


  When we have 2 or more Midtiers running behind F5 bigip,  we are easy to be confused with which node my Chrome is on.  Especially we have multiple tabs open on the same domain when we debug issues.
Say I open 1 tab to point to node1 and check around , then I open another tab to point to node2 to check around , the first tab with node1 will go to node2 when I click around to next page


 The cookies with same domain among Chrome tabs are shared. When you open second tab with node2 on the same domain,  the new cookie will be shared or overwrite the cookie of your first tab .
Thus your first tab goes to node2 when you click around


  It can be quite annoying when you debug issues.  The workaround is to open a new incognito window to separate the cookies .

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