Saturday, June 16, 2018

Easy Way to Set Auto Splash Page on F5 BIGIP


   We have 4 nodes Midtiers running behind F5 bigip.  One node has index corrupted while other 3 nodes are running well.
   I need to take down the node to re-index.  We need to set automatic splash page for this node while not on other 3 nodes


    1. Add redirect rule into the httpd.conf file of this node to redirect traffic to splash page
    2. There is an automatic way to do it via bigip.

  • Create http monitor and assign it to the node.
  • Create http profile , assign it to the frontend virtual server and set fallback host to  be the splash page 
  • The theory is when http monitor detects the node is down, it marks the node is down in bigip. So any traffic to this node will be subjected to http profile and redirect to the splash page with http code 302

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