Sunday, July 29, 2018

Bigip Irule Uri Findstr Causes Unexpected APPS Behaviour


   We have bigip irule which contains findstr to match "node="
       set nodeselect [findstr [string tolower [HTTP::uri] ] "node=" 5 ";" ]
    However we see some confluence pages are spinning after we implement the irule


     When I dig in a bit more,  I find  there is request url which contains "node=root" when you click troubled page. You can  get details in Chrome developer tools

      The "node=root" captured by bigip irule which causes the issue.


      I update the irule :  change  findstr to match "testnode=" and the issue is fixed

       set nodeselect [findstr [string tolower [HTTP::uri] ] "testnode=" 9 ";" ]

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Amit Saraswat said...

thanks Henry for sharing this.