Sunday, December 02, 2018

How To Access Kube Proxy Dashboard Web UI via SSH Tunnel


    We would like to acces web page of Kube Proxy UI which has better overview of the K8S cluster.
However it runs on K8S host and listens on localhost port, not expose to outside host


   We can use ssh tunnel to access it.  I prefer git bash ssh command. Putty sometimes can't establish the connection.
run below into remote host
$ ssh -oIdentityFile=/d/OCI-VM-PrivateKey.txt -L 8001: opc@<ip address>

access url in your local browser and login via token :

To get token, use below command:

# kubectl -n kube-system describe $(kubectl -n kube-system   get secret -n kube-system -o name | grep namespace) | grep token:

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