Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tip To Upload Files Into OCI Object Storage with Pre-Authenticated Requests


 Sometimes we need to provide many files to customers and customers need to provide files to us.
We can use OCI Object Storage Pre-Authenticated Requests to share data. Please refer more details on  Oracle Blog
    However after I create bucket Pre-Authenticated Requests , copy and paste url into our browser, we get below error

{"code":"NotFound","message":"Not Found"}


The object Pre-Authenticated Requests can be writing or reading or both. 
The bucket Pre-Authenticated Requests is for writing purpose only (not reading)
So we need to use curl or other tools to put objects into the bucket. ie

curl --upload-file  mydata.tar

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Unknown said...

Henry, I was stuck on the same error message. I used the curl GET command from the OCI documents and it did not work. Yours did! Thank you!