Tuesday, November 08, 2022

OKE Admission Control Webhook Sample


We need implement a policy requested by security team that kubernetes service should have an annotation : service.beta.kubernetes.io/oci-load-balancer-security-list-management-mode: None Thus no security list will be updated by kuerbnetes. This is an example that how we build our own admission controller which implements various policies from security or other teams. ie we can add only internal loadbalancer is allowed for internal service.....etc


  • Please refer github repo
  • git clone https://github.com/HenryXie1/oke-admission-webhook
  • go build -o oke-admission-webhook
  • docker build --no-cache -t repo-url/oke-admission-webhook:v1 .
  • rm -rf oke-admission-webhook
  • docker push repo-url/oke-admission-webhook:v1
  • ./deployment/webhook-create-signed-cert.sh --service oke-admission-webhook-svc --namespace kube-system --secret oke-admission-webhook-secret
  • kubectl replace --force -f deployment/validatingwebhook.yaml
  • kubectl replace --force -f deployment/deployment.yaml
  • kubectl replace --force -f deployment/service.yaml

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