Thursday, July 02, 2020

How To RMAN Backup Oracle Database 19c running in Kubernetes


   We have an Oracle Database 19c running in OKE( Oracle Kubernetes Engine). We would like to use rman to backup DB to Object storage of  Cloud. We use Oracle Cloud Infrasture (OCI) as an example. The same concept applied to other Clouds.


  • Create a docker image with python 3 and Oracle OCI CLI installed. Please refer official doc how to install Oracle OCI CLI. Also, Dockerfile can be found via  GitHub repo 
  • Create a statefulset using the docker image. Yaml files can be found via GitHub Repo
  • Download the rman backup module of OCI. link
  • Follow the instructions of installation. link
    • Attention: when we set up oci cli, the config file should not be in the docker image, but to the persistent block storage volume. ie /opt/oracle/diag/.oci/config and export OCI_CLI_CONFIG_FILE=/opt/oracle/diag/.oci/config
    •  Attention: when we set up rman backup module and create wallet files,  all config files should not be put in the docker image, but to the persistent block storage volume. ie /opt/oracle/diag/
      • java -jar oci_install.jar \
      • -host \
      • -pvtKeyFile /opt/oracle/diag/.oci/testuser_ww-oci_api_key.pem \
      • -pubFingerPrint 52:b6:0e:2e:***:a1 \
      • -uOCID "ocid1.user.oc1..aaaaahjia***adfe" \
      • -tOCID "ocid1.tenancy.oc1..aanh7gl5**dfe" \
      • -walletDir /opt/oracle/diag/.oci/opc_wallet \
      • -configFile /opt/oracle/diag/.oci/opc_wallet/opcAUTOCDB.ora \
      • -libDir $ORACLE_HOME/lib \
      • -proxyHost \
      • -proxyPort 80
    • Use java- jar oci_installer.jar -h for more details
    • Tip:If you have in place in $ORACLE_HOME/lib which is in docker image, we can ignore the warning of  downloading part of the process
    • Tip: You can copy opc_wallet to other servers or OKE clusters without doing oci cli and java -jar oic_installer.jar steps .
    • Tip: If you see error " KBHS-00713: HTTP client error '', check http_proxy and https_proxy settings. Rman backup to object storage module uses  HTTP HTTPS protocols. 
    • Tip: If you see error " KBHS-01012: ORA-28759 occurred during wallet operation; WRL file:/home/oracle/opc_wallet ",  it maybe due to there are some old opc<sid>.ora config files in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs. DB always try to read the config file in ./dbs instead of using parameters. Remove the files should clear it
    • To avoid error "KBHS-01006: Parameter OPC_HOST was not specified", we need to put all parameters in opcAUTOCDB.ora in the rman script.
  • Test RMAN backup inside your statefulset DB pod
    • rman target /
    • run {
    • ALLOCATE CHANNEL t1 DEVICE TYPE sbt PARMS "SBT_LIBRARY=/opt/oracle/product/19c/dbhome_1/lib/ ENV=(OPC_HOST=, OPC_WALLET='LOCATION=file:/opt/oracle/diag/.oci/opc_wallet CREDENTIAL_ALIAS=alias_oci', OPC_CONTAINER=TEST-OBJECT-STORAGE-RMAN, OPC_COMPARTMENT_ID=ocid1.compartment.oc1..aa****sddfeq, OPC_AUTH_SCHEME=BMC)";
    • backup current controlfile;
    • }

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