Tuesday, March 09, 2021

How to find which type of VMs pods are running via promQL


     Users need to know which type of VMs their pods are running. i.e. users wanna verify pods are running on GPU VMs


In Prometheus, we have 2 metrics:  kube_pod_info{} and kube_node_lables{}

kube_node_labels often has a label to tell which type of VM it is. 

We can use "node" to join these 2 metrics to provide a report to users

sum( kube_pod_info{}) by(pod,node) *on(node) group_left(label_beta_kubernetes_io_instance_type) sum(kube_node_labels{}) by (node,label_beta_kubernetes_io_instance_type)

Please refer official promQL doc 

Tip: create grafana API for it:

curl -g -k -H "Authorization: Bearer ******" https://grafana.testtest.com/api/datasources/proxy/1/api/v1/query?query=sum\(kube_pod_info{}\)by\(pod,node\)*on\(node\)group_left\(label_beta_kubernetes_io_instance_type\)sum\(kube_node_labels{}\)by\(node,label_beta_kubernetes_io_instance_type\)

Als refer my blog how to convert promQL into grafana API call

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