Thursday, July 01, 2021

Pass CKA Exam Tips

On Thursday, I passed the CKA exam with a 93 score mark and get the certificate. I share some tips on how I achieve that.

  • 17 questions in 2 hours. 
  • Don't worry about copy and paste. You can copy it by clicking it when your mouse hovers on the "important text".
  • Read each question carefully. Always understand questions before starting to do it. Check the weight of each question. The high weight means more mark points in the question. 
  • Skip the difficult questions and make sure you get easy marks.  Only a 66 score mark is needed to pass the exam. 
  • Practise and create examples for each test point in the CKA curriculum
  • Strongly recommend this udemy course.  The practice and mock exams are great to prepare for CKA exams.
  • Practise all commands in the kubectl cheatsheet

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