Friday, August 20, 2021

Tip: what are the GVK GVR CRD CR Scheme in Kuberentes Core API

  • GVK stands for Group Version Kind 
  • Each Kind in K8S has Group and Version. i.e. Kind "Pod" is in Group "core" , Version "v1". Refer to official API doc
  • GVK  is defined to associate Group, Version and Kind
  • Each GVK map to a given root Go type in the package
  • Source code definition is  here 
  • GVR stands for Group Version Resource
  • GVR is a "use" or "instance" of GVK in the K8S API
  • The command "kubectl api-resources"  gives us a list of GVR in the K8S cluster
  • CRD stands for Custom Resource Definition
  • Each CRD is like Kind in K8S, so it also has Group, Version
  • CRD is the extension of the K8S API. Refer to official doc
  • Once it is defined, it acts like GVK in K8S API.
  • CR stands for Custom Resource
  • CR is a "use" or "instance" of CRD in the K8S API
  • Once it is instantiated, it acts like GVR in K8S API.
  • The command "kubectl api-resources"  gives us a list including both GVR and CR in the cluster.
  • The scheme is defined to keep track of a given GO type mapping to a given GVK. 
    • For example, we define{}
    • The scheme is going to map it to the API group we defined in CRD:
    • {
          kind:  mykind
  • Source code definition is here.

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