Wednesday, October 09, 2013

How To Find Who is Bulk Loading on Oracle WebCenter Content

You always need to face performance issues. Sometimes they are from user side. When they pick a big folder and throw into WebContent, it generates lots of traffic and load on WCC archiver/indexer

How do we know the volume and username of bulk loading
Below sql is to tell last 1 hour information. You can change timeframe to know different period

select extract(day from (h.realactiondate)) dy, extract(hour from (h.realactiondate)) hr, h.duser, count(h.did)
  from cms_dochist h, docmeta d
  where h.did = d.did
  and h.daction = 'Checkin'
  and d.xconsumptionserver = 'TEST'
  and h.realactiondate sysdate -1/24 and sysdate
  group by extract(day from (h.realactiondate)), extract(hour from (h.realactiondate)), h.duser
   having count(h.did) > 100
  order by 1,2, 4 desc

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