Thursday, April 30, 2020

Steps to implement ConfigOverride for JDBC DataSource in WebLogic via WebLogic Kubernetes Operator

Here are steps how we implement a config override JDBC DataSource in WebLogic via WebLogic Kubernetes Operator.
  • More details , please refer
  • Create secret for db connections
    • kubectl -n test-poc-dev create secret generic dbsecret --from-literal=username=weblogic --from-literal=password=**** --from-literal=url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=(ENABLE=BROKEN)(ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(
    • kubectl -n test-poc-dev label secret dbsecret weblogic.domainUID=test-poc-dev-domain1
  • Create Datasource  jdbc-AppDatasource module when you build docker images
  • Some good examples on github link
  • Create configmap for jdbc-MODULENAME.xml , in this case it is jdbc-AppDatasource.xml
    • cd kubernetes/samples/scripts/create-weblogic-domain/domain-home-in-image/weblogic-domains/test-poc-dev-domain1/
    • 2 files jdbc-AppDatasource.xml  version.txt in configoverride directory 
    • kubectl -n test-poc-dev create cm test-poc-dev-domain1-override-cm --from-file ./configoverride
      kubectl -n test-poc-dev label cm test-poc-dev-domain1-override-cm weblogic.domainUID=test-poc-dev-domain1

    • Add below in the spec section of domain.yaml
      • spec:
            configOverrides: test-poc-dev-domain1-override-cm
            configOverrideSecrets: [dbsecret]
    • bouncing WebLogic servers to make it effective. 
    • Debugging please refer

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