Sunday, May 17, 2020

Tip: Clean Oracle DB Diagnose Home Automatcally


  Oracle DB can generate a huge amount of trace files and fill up the file system. Tired to clean Oracle DB trace files and incident files?


SHORTP_POLICY : Retention for ordinary trace files
LONGP_POLICY : Retention for like incident files

adrci> set control (SHORTP_POLICY = 360) ===>15days
adrci> set control (LONGP_POLICY = 2160) ===>90 Days
adrci> show control

Purging Trace files manually:

Following command will manually purge all tracefiles older than 2 days (2880 minutes):
adrci> purge -age 4880 -type trace
adrci> purge -age 129600 -type ALERT ===> purging ALERT older than 90 days
adrci> purge -age 43200 -type INCIDENT ===> purging INCIDENT older than 30 days
adrci> purge -age 43200 -type TRACE ===> purging TRACE older than 30 days
adrci> purge -age 43200 -type CDUMP ===> purging CDUMP older than 30 days
adrci> purge -age 43200 -type HM ===> purging HM older than 30 days
adrci> show tracefile -rt

Crontab to purge files Automatically
00 20 * * * adrci exec="set home diag/rdbms/****;purge -age 4880 -type trace;purge -age 43200 -type INCIDENT;purge -age 43200 -type CDUMP"

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