Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Few CHM/OS Command For CRS

CHM/OS is installed by default after CRS
By default the location is on $GI_HOME/crf/

To check CHM/OS status:
crsctl stat res –t –init

To gather last 1 hour statistics of CHM/OS

oclumon dumpnodeview -allnodes -v -last "01:00:00"  > chmos_data.txt

To gather certain time of statistics
start on  "2012-10-28 21:05:00"
end on  "2012-10-28 21:15:00"
oclumon dumpnodeview -allnodes -v -s  "2012-10-28 21:05:00" -e  "2012-10-28 21:15:00"

More hints on
oclumon showobjects -h
oclumon dumpnodeview -h
oclumon manage -h
oclumon version -h
oclumon debug -h

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