Monday, October 08, 2012

A Few Commands to manage OCR & Voting Disk

use  ocrcheck  to see information of ocr locations

to replace or move ocr:
   touch the ocr file first
   i.e  touch  /oracommon1_ocr/oracrs/ocrmirror/ocr1
   as root   ./ocrconfig -replace /oracommon2_ocr/oracrs/ocr  -replacement /oracommon1_ocr/oracrs/ocrmirror/ocr1
 No need to bounce CRS

Manage Voting disk
No need to bounce CRS: as root:
 ./crsctl add css votedisk /oracommon1_vote/oracrs/vdsk1
./crsctl delete css votedisk /oracommon2_vote/oracrs/vdsk
./crsctl query css votedisk

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