Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Oracle DB 11gR2 AWR Global Report Generation

Before 11gR2, the  awrrpt.sql  under rdbms/admin only generates awr report for local instance. You have to collect awr report for each of RAC node.

In 11gR2 we have two new scripts awrgrpt.sql & awrgdrpt.sql for RAC

awrgrpt.sql -- AWR Global Report (RAC)  (global report)
awrgdrpt.sql -- AWR Global Diff Report (RAC)

Plus below for your reference
spawrrac.sql  -- Server Performance RAC report
awrsqrpt.sql -- Standard SQL statement Report
awrddrpt.sql -- Period diff on current instance
awrrpti.sql -- Workload Repository Report Instance (RAC)

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