Thursday, October 04, 2018

How to Send Archivelogs From Primary to Another Primary


   We need to send archive logs from an Oracle Primary open read-write Database to a remote another Primary  open read-write Database which is working as Goldengate log miner  or other purpose


    We need to  set 2 init parameters

  • log_archive_config   
ie  log_archive_config='dg_config=(primary,dr,newprimary,newdr......)'
We need to include all related db_unique_name in this parameter.
This is parameter controls who I can send and allow to receive archive logs
see  oracle doc

  •  log_archive_dest_n 
ie log_archive_dest_2 ="service="TEST_DR", ASYNC NOAFFIRM delay=0 optional compression=disable max_failure=0 max_connections=1 reopen=300 db_unique_name="TEST_DR" net_timeout=30, valid_for=(online_logfile,all_roles)

Specify the details of destations the log archives sent to. 
see oracle doc

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