Monday, October 01, 2018 Issues Of Connecting Oracle Container Registry


   We follow the Oracle Kubernetes Doc to install kubeadm. The  has added "region"  in the code to connect container registry of each region.
    ie; Phoenix, it will contact
    However we have problems to pull images from it for latest 1.10.5 which is developer release
Error like up
Starting to initialize master node ...
Checking if env is ready ...
Checking whether docker can pull busybox image ...
Checking access to ...
Trying to pull repository ...
manifest for not found
[ERROR] docker cannot pull kube-proxy-amd64:v1.10.5 from registry


    To set env parameter to specify registry we would like to connect:
and rerun the
Meanwhile if we want to install 1.9.1 instead, you probably have to disable the preview and developer yum repos to let yum to find old but stable version

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